Wise Beyond Our Years

Upwing Energy is an innovative offshoot of parent company Calnetix Technologies, formed to focus on the production of hydrocarbons. Calnetix is a recognized industry leader in high-speed systems, supplying high-speed permanent magnet motors and generators, magnetic bearings and variable speed drives (VSDs) over the past two decades to a wide variety of industries throughout the world. The company’s product portfolio includes electric drive systems for offshore and subsea oil and gas applications.

Getting an initial kick-start from Calnetix and drawing on Calnetix’s knowledge and expertise has enabled us to prove the Subsurface Compressor concept and accelerate the development of our technology, tool and process innovations.

Upwing Technologies

  • Magnetic Bearings

    Our non-contact proprietary bearings enable reliable and maintenance-free high-speed operation and deliver unlimited bearing life.

  • Sealed High-Speed PM Motors

    Our high-speed permanent magnet motors are sealed from the environment and operate at speeds up to 50,000 RPM, utilizing the gas flow for cooling.

  • Hybrid Axial Compressors

    Our proprietary compressors are directly coupled to the motor and have a multistage construction that provide a wide range of operation for varying flows and pressure ratios. The proprietary stages are a hybrid between multiphase and axial compression designed to handle liquid and particle content.

  • Sensorless Long Step-Out Variable Speed Drives (VSDs)

    Our VSDs consist of a high frequency output inverter and are capable of long step-out sensorless control of high-speed permanent magnet motors. They are scalable for higher powers and include Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities.

  • Remote Monitoring and Controls

    We can provide complete diagnostic and prognostics capabilities through our IoT platform, which enables operators to monitor, control and troubleshoot subsurface equipment and optimize production under changing conditions.

Upwing Tools and Processes

Prediction Analysis

We have developed in-house modeling tools to predict wellbore dynamics and reservoir response to the Subsurface Compressor System. Additional in-house modeling tools optimize the performance of the compressor, VSD and long electrical cabling under varying production conditions. The combination of these tools ensures that maximum production is achieved 24/7.

Deployment and Intervention Methods

Our Subsurface Compressor System is deployable with existing intervention techniques, including tubing, rod and wire-line deployment methods.