Enhanced Gas Production

Due to the high cost and logistics of offshore intervention systems, a single platform is utilized to gather gas from multiple subsea wells. These individual gas wells all tie in to a single manifold either at the seabed or on the platform or both. As the pressures deplete differently for each individual well, the manifold pressure has to be adjusted to the lowest producing pressure. Therefore, there is a rapid decline in total production.

Maximum Production Optimization

Upwing’s Subsurface Compressor Systems (SCS) increase the pressure of the lowest producing well to stabilize the pressure of the subsea field and increase the manifold pressure to the highest pressure well, thus increasing the overall production rate and shortening the return on investment for the field. Although SCS is designed to be placed deep within the well, similar to electric submersible pumps (ESPs), Upwing’s SCS can also be placed horizontally or vertically on the sea bed due to its short length. The ability of SCS to handle high liquid content makes it an ideal wet gas compressor. Its proven design that has demonstrated 140bbl/mmscf of gas can provide enough boost to maximize the production of depleting gas fields.

Offshore to Onshore Transportation

Similarly, in the subsea environment, there are longer distances between the surface equipment and the reservoir (the depth of the ocean plus the depth of the well). Upwing’s subsurface compressors are needed to overcome the opposing pressures created by these long step-outs, which topside compressors cannot achieve. With all the components of an inline compressor, which can fit within flowlines both vertically and horizontally, our subsurface compressors also can be utilized to boost the pressure of the transportation line tied in to multiple subsea fields when transporting product onshore.

Source: Oilfield Wiki

The picture above shows four subsea trees tied to one manifold. The flow is routed to the processing facility via dual flowlines (Total Rosa Field in offshore Angola). The areas where the SCS can be installed to increase the manifold pressure are denoted in blue, and the areas where the SCS can be installed to boost the flowline are denoted in red.